Pagoda Management & Maintenance

Pagoda Management

Our Pagoda Management includes the delivery, installation and take down or removal of your pagoda hire.

We will arrange times and dates once you’ve selected the right tent for your event, with your point of contact liaising with your throughout the delivery process so you know everything is arriving on schedule.

For long term rentals, whether for a prolonged period or when renting the same set up for multiple events, such as festivals, we can also manage this storage for your tent. Our team can deliver, remove and return to the same or different sites.

Our team at Premium Pagodas is here to help make you tent hire as seamless with your event as possible. Depending on your tent hire package, you may require different levels of support, cleaning and other management or maintenance tasks.

Whether you are renting for one day, a long term event or on a bespoke package, we’re on hand to manage the process and make sure your tent is kept in tip-top condition for your guests.

Below we look at the ways we can support you with Pagoda Management & Maintenance.

Ready With Adverse Weather Precautions

At Premium Pagodas, we are experienced in preparing for the inevitable: sudden weather changes.

Our Pagoda Management includes awareness of the contingencies needed to secure your tent and extras come rain or shine. We’ll be ready and proactive in getting your tent secure, on-site, on schedule.

Available Any Time

We pride ourselves on being available whenever you need assistance. Simply get in touch by phone or email and a member of the team will get right back to you.

Pagoda Maintenance

How much Pagoda Maintenance you’ll need will depend on the length of your rental. For short term or single day events, you may only need set up checks. But for longer term rentals or big and busy parties, you might require more regular cleaning and tent checks.

Bespoke quotes are available for pagoda hire so that you are confident you are getting the right number of safety checks and cleanings to keep your tent looking its best for your guests.

Tent Branding

If you are looking for your own branding to appear on your pagoda hire, we are happy to accommodate. Speak to our management team about your branding needs and they’ll make sure to include it in your quote.

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