Corporate events are a well established practice and are often very similar from one another. They are often for larger groups so there has to be mass appeal and construction. As a result, they can become a bit uninteresting or predictable for the invited guests. Corporate events for smaller groups give you the opportunity to create a unique, special kind of event.

Below, we offer some ideas for corporate events for small groups, including how to use pagoda tent hire to lend a sense of distinction and help make the individual invitees feel like they are at an exclusive event. There are ideas for everyone, from groups who want to get a bit adventurous, to those who want to spend some time indulging in the good life. 

Gourmet Chef Catering

A pagoda is the perfect place to set up a cosy dining area for a small group of guests who are treated to gourmet catering. Fancy foods from expert chefs doesn’t need to be limited to fine dining restaurants as you can now have a gourmet chef come to you. 

Many gourmet chef catering companies will have a range of menus for you to choose from, whether you want a full three or four course meal, canapes, hog roasts or afternoon tea. Depending on your corporate event group, you can choose a menu that suits. 

Consider the setting when deciding on your menu and decor. There are lots of venues you can choose from for gourmet catering – some companies even offer a list of beautiful venues they’ve used before. If you are planning a corporate event for a small group in summer or want it to be outside, you can really make the most of your setting. Consider walled gardens, grounds of stately homes and other picturesque spots to give your guests the right ambience. 

For these outside events, alongside tables, chairs and all the dining equipment, you can add heat lamps and fairy lights for when the evening comes, table decorations (such as fresh flowers or ornaments) or any number of extras to make the space unique.

Cocktail Masterclass

Mixologists, those waistcoat wearing cocktail makers, can be hired to teach cocktail masterclasses for you and your guests. This would be difficult with groups of more than 10, though not impossible up to 15 people. What makes a cocktail masterclass great for corporate events is it has some physicality, guests get to shake their own cocktails, there is some learning and you all get to enjoy some lovely drinks with a new appreciation.

For the set up, all you need is bar really. This is key though, as your cocktail bartender will need ice wells and space for various bottles of alcohol and juices, plus room for glasses and a chopping board to make those beautiful garnishes. 

You can hire a bar for an outside space. Setting up under a gazebo will shelter your small group and their mixologist from harsh sunlight or rain and help keep the ice chilled all afternoon. If you have particularly lovely weather for your corporate event, you can have the bar in the open air and use the pagoda as a break out area with a few canapes or other nibbles for guests in between rounds of drinks making. If you do have 15 guests or more at your corporate event, you could use pagodas as rest areas for invitees and have then take a turn at the cocktail masterclass in groups of five.

Tastings: Cheese, Wine, Whisk(e)y

Tastings are perfect for corporate events for small groups. They offer a chance to relax, eat food, enjoy some drinks and feel like a real treat. The other advantage of tastings is that you can choose something that suits your guests or your venue. For an evening event with colleagues, perhaps wine tasting is best. If you are using a country venue, perhaps a cheese tasting at a local farm is best.

One of the great advantages of tastings is that, wherever the products come from, you have your tasting pretty much anywhere. You can host it in an event room of a hotel, cabin in the countryside or under a pagoda in a flower gardens. Set up is easy, all you’ll need is a table big enough for a setting for each guest, and a spot for your guide. If you are setting up outdoors, under a gazebo, a nearby stately home or hotel, can provide practical facilities, while the exterior adds to the ambience.

Canoeing/Kayaking (& Lunch)

Got a small group corporate event coming up with people who like to be adventurous? Sit down events or classes are enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon or evening, but for some, working up an appetite is the only way to really appreciate their next meal. Which is why an activity like canoeing or kayaking is great.

Step one: know the key difference between canoes and kayaks. Kayaks seat one person and so work best for groups of confident paddlers. Canoes seat two people, who work together to row along. This can be useful if you have a mixed group of first timers and experienced rowers. Boat routes can be found all around the UK, through cities, towns and along the countryside. Pick a route or a venue and then find a tour guide near there to plan the rest of your corporate event, aka: food!

The key to making the most of a physical activity like kayaking or canoeing at a corporate event is the reward for a day’s exercising: a delicious meal. Depending on where your route is, you may find a local pub or venue nearby. If there isn’t anything local or you want flexibility for your guests, why not set up a pagoda tent at the finishing spot with a barbecue or catered lunch. Add lounge seating, over table and chairs, under the gazebo for a relaxing dining experience.

Find Out More About Pagodas For Corporate Events

There are lots of ways to plan a corporate event for a small group that is interesting, enjoyable and unexpected. Where you do it, how and with what little touches that make it extra special is up to you. If you do have questions about how a pagoda can be used and what we can do to make your next corporate event go off without a hitch, get in touch with our team today.