Pagoda tents have a myriad of uses at weddings, events, festivals and parties of all sizes. While pagodas are smaller than marquee tents, they easily create medium sized spaces. They can also be affixed together to create a single cover or multiple units. This makes their uses almost limitless when it comes to creating covers, rooms and areas for your event. 

Below, the team at Premium Pagodas offer ten different uses for a pagoda tent at your event, looking at the different kinds of event at which they might be useful. This may just be the inspiration that you need to realise a pagoda is the answer to your event problem!

1. For Outdoor Dinner Parties

Hosting a dinner party or family lunch outside for a special occasion is a great idea, especially in the heat of summer. If you’ve got a larger group, such as at a family gathering or special birthday celebration, you might want to be able to get everyone around a long table. The cover will protect you from the heat of midday sun and the off chance of rain, if you aren’t sure what the weather might do and don’t want to be rained out.

Pagoda tents are perfect for outdoor dinner parties, housing 5 – 20 people easily. You can have multiple tents connected to create a single covering in your garden or in a rented outdoor space, with tables, chairs and decorative lights all included. 

2. As Event Breakout Areas

Pagoda tents have sides that can be added or removed to suit your needs. If you have an event which is quite busy or where your guests might want to be able to take some alone time, setting up a pagoda tent with lounge seating or soft cushions as a breakout area is a great idea.

We suggest including breakout areas at weddings, especially if you have a dance tent or other lively space, and have guests who might want to take themselves off for a break. They are also good for corporate events in conference centres of stately homes, where a long day of meetings and presentations necessitate some lounge time. They can even be used at music festivals for people who need a break from the excitement and crowds. 

3. To Cover Hot Tubs

Who doesn’t love a hot tub? Hot tubs might be permanent installations at your property, an addition for an event or a treat for a bachelor/ette party. If you are thinking about getting a hot tub set up but worry about not having the privacy to enjoy relaxing in it, then you should consider getting a pagoda tent to use as a cover.

Pagoda tents are the perfect size to go over a hot tub, and can even include some sides to block out views over fences or if your outside space is overlooked. If you are using it for a special event and expect to be in their long into the evening, lighting can be equipped, a safe distance from the water, to illuminate your midnight steam.

4. For Street Food Stands

Pagoda tents are easy to set up and provide unit-like spaces which are ideal for street food stands. There is enough room under these tents for a serving counter, alongside prep area and cooking section. It can be equipped with tables, storage and power to allow food providers to serve their offerings. 

Each tent can be affixed with branding and units can be joined together for those food stands that need a bit more space for long grills or assembly lines. They can also be placed in blocks, back to back and side to side, to create food areas at festivals or markets. 

5. As VIP Tents At Festivals

There are times at festivals and certain events, such as corporate hospitality events, where you need a VIP area to hold and entertain special guests. Pagoda tents can be set up with sides down and one entrance, making them look innocuous to outside viewers, then decorated and equipped inside to make a closed off and comfortable area for VIPs.

You can include seating, both formal and lounge, set up electricals for mini-fridges and lighting, all to make the space more inviting for you VIPs and really impress them on arrival. They can also be conjoined if you need to create a space for small groups, as well as using single pagoda tents for individuals.

6. To House Catering Teams

For any outdoor events or even ones in locations with limited indoor space, you will find that a pagoda tent is a valuable place to set up for catering teams. There will be times when you want to serve canapés and cocktails, or other bits and pieces, to guests but need a preparation area that is both nearby but away from guests. Pagoda tents are those spaces.

With sides down on the sides facing guests, and doorways for servers to emerge from, you can have pagoda tents set up near to garden parties, in estate grounds or parks. This will give the catering teams a place to gather and prepare plates or trays without a watchful eye, but in close proximity to guests.

7. For Sponsor Tents At Golf Events

Pagoda tents are portable and can be placed on green spaces of all kinds, including golf courses. With corporate gatherings or events, you might have sponsors for specific holes on the course, including what is known as a “wet hole” where drinks are offered to players as they reach that hole. 

The tents are these sponsored stands can be set up with ice buckets, tables and chairs for the hosts, along with the branding of the sponsors themselves. These can be set up as a series at the various holes of the course if needed.

8. As Changing Rooms

Pagoda tents can be used as pop-up changing rooms, either singularly or in sets. You can set up each pagoda tent as a private area with closed “door” so that whoever is using them knows they aren’t being looked in on. You can add in furniture for each changing room, adding a seat, clothes stand and mirrors as needed.

You might need a changing room at a street festival or market where there are clothes stands, or at a charity corporate event with a fashion show – here models will need a changing area and for outside events there may not be a good space available near to where you want to place your runway.

9. To Create Designated Smoking Areas

Some venues may not have a designated smoking area or may not have one set up permanently. Because of this, having a pagoda tent set up will enable you to assign a clear place for smokers.

Sides will be down for a smoking area, but the cover will keep smokers dry should there be rain. You can add bins and disposal units for cigarette ends, ensuring that those guests who smoke are not creating any litter or putting out there cigarettes where they shouldn’t be.

10. For Speakers At Events

Speaker areas are often needed at literary festivals, niche industry events or conventions. Pagoda tents work well as they are a good size for small groups, but can also function as the focus area for a stage from which speakers can address crowds and seating attendees.

The advantage of a pagoda tent for speakers at events is that it can be fitted with speakers and a microphone, to ensure they are heard, and provides cover from sun and rain, and you can house multiple speakers for a session with seats for the other speakers while they wait. 

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There are lots of ways to use pagoda tents for events. They are customisable, with additional tech for sound or visuals, plus lighting, flooring and all kinds of furniture, all to make the space the perfect one for your needs. To find out more or discuss your tent needs, contact our team.